Dover Engineering Limited’s capabilities in the offshore market are focused on the design and engineering of platform topsides and floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) systems.


A leading designer of topsides and processing equipment for offshore oil and gas production, Dover Engineering Limited backed up by seasoned technical partners, WoodGroup, has designed platform topsides. Our topsides have provided years of safe and reliable operation in a variety of climate, water and reservoir conditions.

 Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO)

Dover Engineering Limited has been instrumental in the design of FPSO units to the offshore oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Over the past years, we’ve provided design and engineering services for quite a number of FPSO projects.


Dover Engineering Limited has designed and managed some of the nation’s largest onshore pipeline projects. With more than a decade of pipeline experience to our credit, we’ve earned respect for our ability to deliver successful pipeline projects even in the most challenging locations.

We’ve designed pipelines for transporting crude oil, natural gas, refined petroleum products, LPG, LNG, NGL, condensates, water, slurries and various chemicals—both in single-phase and multiphase flow. These pipelines have ranged in

In the last 10 years, Dover Engineering Limited has been involved in planning, permitting, concept and FEED efforts of pipelines across terrains in Nigeria. In addition, we have executed contracts for several projects, leading to the safe and timely installation of several pipelines, where our scope included engineering, procurement, construction management and support services.

In addition to planning and designing pipelines, we provide complete design-build services for associated facilities, such as compression and pumping stations, pig traps, slug catchers, valve stations, terminals and reception facilities.

Dover Engineering Limited’s areas of technical expertise include:

  • Geohazard and seismic design
  • Crossing design, including horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and microtunneling
  • Risk assessment and safety analysis
  • RAM and modularization studies
  • Flow assurance analysis both under steady state and transient conditions (including multiphase, multi-product, non-Newtonian and high temperature/high-pressure fluids)
  • Limit state design
  • Materials and welding
  • SCADA and telecommunications

Dover Engineering Limited’s extensive in-house library of benchmark cost data for various pipeline and process facilities support our value engineering process and ensure the most cost-effective pipeline design.

The planning and execution of a pipeline project requires extensive knowledge of numerous geographical, political, regulatory, social and environmental issues. With our expertise combined with our seasoned partners, we have people in every major market who can provide the specialized knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with landowners, local authorities and environmental agencies.

Onshore Oil & Gas

Dover Engineering Limited has years of experience in the design of onshore oil and gas field development, oil and gas processing terminals, and underground gas storage. Services are provided for these industries from conceptual design and optimization through complete turnkey EPC solutions, covering:

Onshore oil & gas field development

  • Wellhead design
  • Gathering lines
  • Manifolds
  • Gas-oil separation plants (GOSPs)
  • Pumping and compression stations

Oil & gas terminals and processing plants 

  • Oil and gas reception facilities
  • Oil storage and unloading terminals
  • Sour oil and gas processing
  • High wax, high produced water crude oil production
  • Natural gas processing and treating

Underground gas storage 

Oil and gas engineering has to address many factors relevant to the development, whatever the stage of design. Dover Engineering can call on a vast databank of past projects and locations to ensure that each project receives the right attention in all the critical areas that have an influence on a successful outcome. Our team of internationally experienced, client-focused engineers and managers align with our clients’ aspirations and are particularly known to expend the extra effort that makes all the difference on any size project.

Services provided

Dover Engineering delivers high-quality, commercially viable solutions oil and gas developments, focusing on generating maximum value for our clients. Dover Engineering specialist teams offer a comprehensive scope of services, encompassing initial concept studies through full engineering and construction contracts. Our key project and engineering staff include personnel experienced in their various fields, helping to ensure that we provide innovative and operable solutions to challenging projects.

Our services include:

  • Front-end treating studies to assess project feasibility, schedules, capital expenditures, operating and maintenance costs
  • Design engineering applying proven solutions for specific operating conditions and requirements
  • HAZOP analyses using expertise developed from a broad base of experience
  • Detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication, modularization and construction
  • Startup, commissioning and operator training


Dover Engineering Limited has extensive experience and expertise in the design of any tank in the industry, having designed several storage tanks in Nigeria. Our storage solutions for the upstream and downstream oil & gas markets include design of:

  • Atmospheric and ambient temperature tanks
  • Storage terminals for bulk liquids and refrigerated products
  • Low temperature and cryogenic storage systems
  • Pressure spheres


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